This document is the API reference for the Graphene library.

The latest version of Graphene, as well as the latest version of this API reference, is available online.

Point — A point with 2 coordinates
Point3D — A point with 3 coordinates
Size — Size representation
Rectangle — Rectangular shape type
Quad — Four-vertex quadrilateral
Triangle — A triangle described by 3D points
Box — Axis-aligned bounding box
Sphere — A sphere
Frustum — A 3D field of view
SIMD vector — Low level floating point 4-sized vector
SIMD matrix — Low level floating point 4 by 4 matrix
Vectors — Vectors in 2, 3, and 4 dimensions
Matrix — 4x4 matrices
Euler — Euler angles
Quaternion — Quaternion operations
Plane — A plane in 3D space
Ray — A ray emitted from an origin in a given direction
Versioning information — Detemining the version of Graphene in use
GObject integration — Types for GObject properties and signals
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